Free-spirited in development and transformation


Lingotto invents innovative solutions for the development of urban buildings and zones. Together with our partners and clients. We have good ideas, view the world through fresh eyes and cross boundaries. The result: concepts that bring new life to old buildings and abandoned parts of the city through transformation and new development. Projects where people can live and work, build companies and communities.

Our passion is the development of urban areas, even those where others have given up, and we have 15 years track record of success to prove it. Because we are conscious of what we do, deliver tailor-made solutions and plan creatively and realistically. Our projects attract enthusiastic partners and create a common goal. For entrepreneurs, we facilitate new business forms. And, for investors in these projects, we deliver an appropriate return on investment.

Our definition of success is when we can implement our ideas through extraordinary projects. With a compact organisation, we want to work in our own fashion: involved, active and without bureaucracy. Close and personal contact with our clients and business partners is essential to us. At the same time, our aim is to remain autonomous and in control.

A special way of living in the city

We build for people with guts, who want to live at a unique location in the city. We find new opportunities at existing sites and realise extraordinary projects together with our partners. We see and think in a different way. That’s how you can find yourself living in an old factory or a fire station, a synthesized home/work concept or a former schoolhouse, and not in a house that looks like every other house on the street.

Succes in an inspiring environment

We want people to work in an environment that inspires them and makes businesses succeed. By creating a connection between local retail, food and beverage, culture and entertainment, we stimulate entrepreneurship within the community. We facilitate new forms for work and business models. We create new locations at old sites in the city to utilize and strengthen the uniqueness of that site.

We challenge our partners to break conventions

We are an unconventional partner in urban development and stimulate new developments by pushing our boundaries. For us, cooperation is based on mutual respect and openness, a desire to challenge and strengthen each other. We have a rock solid network and excellent knowledge of the market. When necessary, we do not shy away from breaking through conventions and challenge the other players in the field to think out of the box, too.

Another vision on investment and financing

Real estate is an interesting investment opportunity with attractive returns on investment. Without speculating on a possible upturn in the current, negative market sentiment, we offer investors even now solid investment possibilities with an attractive direct and indirect return on investment.

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